Ezy Life International is one of the best community organizations for overseas pakistanis seeking help. We are providing a number of reliable, professionally and trustworthy services regarding travel & Medical tourism. We provide proper guidance in each and every problem in Pakistan and in UK. Registration Fee = £50 (Non refundable).

A trip through Pakistan is a face to face encounter with a fascinating land that has withstood countless invasions and preserved the essence of its conquerors in the form of present day monuments Medical Tourism.

We provide pick and drop service and also provide Car hire service to facilitate and all kind of Hotel and resort bookings. Please speak with us for more details.

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Currently we are looking for the Matches for....

25 years old Male Civil Engineer

23 years old Female Audiologist

23 years old Female

24 years old Female Pharmacist

23 years old Teacher Female

38 years old female

39 years old female professional

34 years old male Businessman

38 years old Teacher female

30 years old female Microbiologist

26 years old female

26 years old female professional

27 years old male

24 years old teacher

We have luxurious apartment & houses in all cities of Pakistan from one bed room to a big farm house.

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