Ezy Life International is one of the best community organiZations for overseas pakistanis seeking help. We are providing a number of reliable, professionally and trustworthy services regarding legal matters. We provide proper guidance in each and every problem in Pakistan and in UK. Registration Fee = £50 (Non refundable).

The legal service of Ezy Life International is a service, which is rendered completely on humanitarian basis for Pakistani community living abroad and at home. It is aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for Pakistanis according to Pakistani and british law and regulation.

Ezy life international will provide help to the Pakistani community and answer the questions put to them in the light of Law promulgated in Pakistan such as Rent laws, Transfer of Property law, law of Succession, Family laws. They further offer services in fields of Commercial law including law of Contract, Companies and partnership law also Banking laws in Pakistan.

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Currently we are looking for the Matches for....

25 years old Male Civil Engineer

23 years old Female Audiologist

23 years old Female

24 years old Female Pharmacist

23 years old Teacher Female

38 years old female

39 years old female professional

34 years old male Businessman

38 years old Teacher female

30 years old female Microbiologist

26 years old female

26 years old female professional

27 years old male

24 years old teacher

We have luxurious apartment & houses in all cities of Pakistan from one bed room to a big farm house.

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