Welcome to the Educational Services Commission of Ezylife International website. We provide many innovative programs in an effort to meet their statutory and financial responsibilities to their students and community. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we hope you find this directory helpful in assisting you in finding cooperative options to improve the quality of education. Registration Fee = £50 (Non refundable).

Admission in Pakistan istitutions for Pakistanis

Our education consults can help you to get addmissions in any cadit college, any medical college or engineering universities if you fullfill their requirnment and can meet the marit.

Admission in Pakistan istitutions for Overseas Pakistanis

We also help overseas Pakistanis in United Kingdon who wants to get admission in any Pakistani Institute. Please register you self so that we can guide you for admission.

Admission in UK institutions for Pakistanis

Our education consultants provide full suport to those Pakistanis who want to study in UK in any college and Universities. Our service ensure that the individual gets the admission in the desire institution and guide through the Visa process, accomodation etc. Please register with us so that we can start the process and can guide you for your immigration process. The registration fee is £50 (non-refundable).You can pay it by sending a cheaque or transfering it online to the following accounts.
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Currently we are looking for the Matches for....

25 years old Male Civil Engineer

23 years old Female Audiologist

23 years old Female

24 years old Female Pharmacist

23 years old Teacher Female

38 years old female

39 years old female professional

34 years old male Businessman

38 years old Teacher female

30 years old female Microbiologist

26 years old female

26 years old female professional

27 years old male

24 years old teacher

We have luxurious apartment & houses in all cities of Pakistan from one bed room to a big farm house.

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